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Most industrial sectors that have the potential to cause pollution are required to have an IPPC or Waste licence under EU law.

IPPC Licence & Waste Licence

Certain activities, or activities that exceed a threshold, are required to have an IPPC  licence or Waste licence.  The application process is time consuming and requires a large quantity of information to be assembled.  Environmental Efficiency have a great deal of experience in this area and can undertake the entire process. We have made licence applications for the printing, engineering, foundry, chemical and waste sectors

The operation of an these licenses is demanding in terms of time and cost.  It can therefore be prudent to examine whether a change to the process, e.g. elimination of organic solvents, or reduction in the scale of the activity so as to fall below the threshold (e.g. reducing vat size to below 30 cubic meters) can be made.  Environmental Efficiency has been able to guide clients so that the necessity for an licence has been legally avoided.

Where a licence is in force, but the scale of the activity reduces, then surrender of the licence can be a cost effective option.  Again Environmental Efficiency has a great deal of experience in this area.


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