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Consideration of the effects of leaks from over ground pipes may be part of the licence conditions.

Pipeline testing and assessments

Our interest is with pipes that carry hazardous liquids such as oil pipes, effluent pipes and pipes carrying chemicals.


Where pipes run underground, then damage caused by corrosion, ground heave, effects of traffic above the ground or just poor construction can cause leaks.  These leaks can cause local soil contamination and possible contamination of surface and ground water.  Environmental Efficiency can undertake pipe line testing in full accordance with EPA Guidance.


Where pipes run above ground, it is possible that ground and surface water contamination can be caused by leaks from valves, flanges and other fittings.  Often the EPA require an Assessment to determine whether retention is required.  Environmental Efficiency can carry out these assessments and have undertaken such assessments for large pharmaceutical plants and board mills.  It is often the case that the assessment determines that either no retention is required as the site is is fully bunded, or minimal remediation work is required.

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