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Bray (Ireland) Tel: 01 276 1428 
Cork (Ireland) Tel: 021 453 6155

Lisburn (N. Ireland) Tel: 028 9262 6733

Setting up a stack monitoring run.  Environmental Efficiency has MCERTS certified staff with SafePass and Manual Handling certs.

Environmental Monitoring and Analysis

Environmental Efficiency is able to undertake the full range of air monitoring (stack testingambient air monitoring, occupational air monitoring , Indoor Air Quality including Legionella).  Clients include ConocoPhillips, Cargo Tech, Diamond Innovations, SureTank, Sun Chemicals and many other leading organisations. 

Environmental Efficiency also undertakes a wide range of surface and ground water monitoring using UKAS or INAB accredited labs for analysis. 

Occupational and environmental  noise monitoring, including narrow band and third octave band analysis, is regularly carried out  for a wide range of clients.

Where air or noise emissions are a problem Environmental Efficiency can carry out Air Dispersion Modelling and Noise Prediction Modelling.  Where tonal noise is an issue, Environmental Efficiency can undertake appropriate analysis and offer advice to eliminate tonal noise.