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Water is not free nor is it cheap.  For use in industry it has to be treated, pumped, heated or cooled, then disposed of.  These costs are many times the utility's charge per cubic meter.  Taking steps to reduce water consumption can have short paybacks.

Water Conservation

Industry is charged both for the supply of water and the discharge of water.  These charges are increasing as water utilities seek to recover the costs of upgrades to distribution systems and treatment works.  In addition, many IPPC licenses require  reductions in water usage to be investigated.  However, it also makes sound commercial sense to reduce water consumption as not only do you pay for the use and disposal, but you also pay to treat it, pump it and heat it.

Environmental Efficiency has significant experience of reducing water consumption in industry.  Notable successes by us have been achieved in the food and chemical sectors.

For a Dublin adhesive plant we identified potential water savings of 82% with a six month financial payback.  Savings identified included replacement of underground pipes, modifications to liquid ring vacuum pumps, modifications to cooling towers, and repair of the water softening system.

For a Naas food plant we discovered that a fault in the boiler blow down system accounted for 12% of site water consumption.  This was rectified at no cost, but the fault had been undetected by the company for over three years.

For a Co. Mayo bakery, the local authority had assessed the bakery's capital contribution to the new waste water treatment plant based on water usage and effluent loading.  We were able to halve the proposed capital contribution for the new waste water treatment plant by reducing water use and by reducing the effluent loading .

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