Grant aid for industry

Jun 27, 2011 | Energy and Carbon, Environment, News | 0 comments

Following on from a recent one to one meeting with Enterprise Ireland, it came as a pleasant surprise to this blog that there is still grant money available to industry.  In addition, the  money is there to be given out but there are very few takers.

To avail of the grant money you must be an indigenous Irish manufacturing company.  If you are such a company you will probably be of the view that the only sales you are going to make are in exports and this is exactly where Enterprise Ireland  wish to help.  To get ahead in export markets you need certification for ISO 14001 (the environmental standard) and possibly ISO 18001 (the health and safety standard).  Some markets may also be asking for Carbon Footprinting.  The good news is that there is grant money available for all these issues.

Environmental Efficiency have a long track record of working with Enterprise Ireland and certification bodies in helping companies achieve the certifications necessary for exporting.  Environmental Efficiency is unique amongst Irish environmental consultancies in that the director’s background is in manufacturing export industries; this means that we can provide real help in implementing workable pragmatic systems.  For further details, please contact Environmental Efficiency.