The organisers of the Green-Schools programme are to be congratulated for achieving an 88% registration rate This registration rate compares very favourably internationally, for example in the UK only 79% of primary schools are registered in the equivalent scheme there.

It is obviously important that pupils gain an understanding of the environment at an early age. The practices introduced by the Green Schools programme have seen practical benefits with, for example, significant diversion of waste from landfill and hopefully these practices will become second nature for these citizens of tomorrow.

Whilst these achievements are good, we should not be uncritical. It is noted that An Taisce operates the scheme (with support from some other government departments). The An Taisce handbook for the Green Schools programme lists useful contacts; amongst these are Friends of the Earth which is a well known opponent of nuclear power and GM crops. There seems to be no pro-industry (and therefore pro jobs) balance in the list of useful contacts and it would be in the country’s interest that this unbalance be corrected. It would be a pity if An Taisce’s good scheme were to be high jacked by those with a poor record of support for industry.