Directory of Energy Consultants

Jun 26, 2012 | Energy and Carbon, Environment | 0 comments

I was impressed at the turnout at the EMPI Directory Launch in Dublin last Friday. For too long energy consultancy has been unregulated with the result that anyone can claim to be an energy consultant. This has lead to some poor quality reports and leads to cynicism about the benefits of trying to manage energy better. With the establishment of EMPI this has all changed. To become a Full Member of EMPI and be listed in the EMPI Directory requires considerable academic training and practical experience. This now means that clients wishing to better manage their energy and reduce costs can choose a consultant with confidence by consulting the directory.

EMPI (Energy Management Professionals Ireland) was established last year. The mission of EMPI is to foster world-class energy management services in the interests of customers, EMPI members, the environment, and protect the integrity and independence of the profession.. With the launch of the EMPI Directory, EMPI has made a good start on its declared mission.

Anyone seeking to join EMPI can review the membership criteria on the web site and apply on line. The details are vetted by the committee and those meeting the stated requirements are given Full Membership status once the fee is paid. Applicants who do not meet the strict entry requirements are given Associate status, but are not listed in the directory.