New supports available from Enterprise Ireland

Nov 17, 2012 | Environment, News | 0 comments

When companies expand operations it is usually necessary to increase the capacity of utilities such as boilers, air handing, chilling and so on. However, it today’s climate of economic uncertainty there is pressure to install equipment with the lowest capital cost and not to consider the potential improvements in energy efficiency that can be gained from taking a longer term view. The new energy support measures available from Enterprise Ireland are therefore welcome.

Under the Enterprise Ireland Green Transform programme, companies who are expanding are eligible for support for a variety of energy efficiency measures. These include

  • Energy saving measures – such as energy management systems
  • High Efficiency Co-generation – such as combined heat & power (CHP)
  • Increased use of renewable energy technologies – such as biomass boilers or wind turbines
  • Environmental feasibility studies directly related to the above

For example, if a company expansion required new steam raising plant, support may be available based on the difference in cost between a biomass boiler and a conventional oil fired boiler.

Companies will be aware of previous supports available from SEAI. The difference is that whilst the SEAI supports were on a competition basis with a short window of opportunity, the Enterprise Ireland supports are available until the end of 2013.

Further details are available by contacting either Noel McGrath or Bob Sutcliffe in our Bray office.

Please note that this disclosure is based on information provided to Environmental Efficiency by Enterprise Ireland and is provided in good faith. Environmental Efficiency cannot accept any liability for any failure of any organisation in attracting support from any State agency.