BS EN 16247

Apr 21, 2013 | Environment, News | 0 comments

Energy audits are recognised by many government agencies as a way of reducing energy consumption, costs and CO2 emissions. However, take up by industry tends to be low. Part of the reason is that many organisations are concerned that they may not get money for value and that the audit will be of poor quality.

With the introduction of BS EN 16247 Energy Audits, this will hopefully change. This standard defines the attributes of a good quality energy audit such as quality requirements, elements of the audit process such as analysis of data, site visits and the report. This new standard should ensure a consistent and reliable approach amongst practitioners.

Environmental Efficiency fully supports this standard and it is our view that all our energy audits are in compliance with this standard.

For this standard to be effective, organisations wishing energy audits should ask that the consultants comply with the requirements of BS EN 16247. In addition, those agencies that dictate the need for energy audits or offer energy audits, such as the Irish EPA, SEAI and Invest Northern Ireland should also be aware of this standard.