Determination of Corrosivity at Dublin Port

Apr 29, 2016 | Building Performance, Environment, Environmental Compliance, Environmental Monitoring, News | 0 comments

Most environmental monitoring is straight forward with off the shelf equipment available. However, when Roughan O’Donovan Consulting Engineers asked us to undertake monitoring of chloride deposition at Dublin Port, there was no off the shelf equipment available.

When designing steel bridges in areas with potentially corrosive atmospheres such as marine environments, the rate of chloride deposition needs to be measured so that the correct protective coatings and grade of steel can be specified. ROD needed an assessment of corrosivity for the bridge they were designing and turned to Environmental Efficiency.

Environmental Efficiency designed and built the equipment to determine chloride deposition rate by the wet candle method (ISO EN 9223). This equipment was built and installed at short notice at Dublin Port. The assessment is now completed with satisfactory results.

Whatever your environmental monitoring problem, no matter how obscure, Environmental Efficiency has the expertise and resources to respond to the challenge.

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