Grants for Energy Efficiency

May 15, 2016 | Energy and Carbon, Environment, News | 0 comments

In Northern Ireland, grants of up to 50% are available for a variety of energy efficiency projects including lighting, compressed air and heating projects. Environmental Efficiency can help you apply for this funding, select the correct equipment & contractors and verify the savings.

Lighting projects are especially attractive and can have paybacks as little as one year depending on the age and type of existing lighting. Further significant savings are available as the latest lighting technology have much longer lamp lifes meaning less replacement costs. Grants are for around 20% of the cost.

Huge improvements in the efficiency of heating systems can be obtained with improved controls with paybacks of well under one year. Grants are for around 20% of the cost.

Many of have surveys have found that compressed air use is inefficient at most sites. The main causes of inefficiency are leaks and poor control. Grant aid at around 50% is available for replacement modular aluminium pipework, 20% for variable speed compressors including leak surveys and 50% for heat recovery.

This financial assistance will be particular interesting if you have completed your EU Energy Efficiency Directive audit and are looking to implement some of the more interesting projects. Feedback from the UK Environmental Agency is that savings identified through these audits (termed ESOS in the UK) are around 20%.

Environmental Efficiency are environmental consultants in both Ireland & The UK. For further information please contact either Bob Sutcliffe or Conor O’Callaghan on 028 9262 6733.