Resources: How Lockdown can Inspire Positive Environmental Changes

Apr 30, 2020 | Environment, Environmental Compliance, Environmental Monitoring, News | 0 comments

With many of Ireland’s factories currently closed, now is the perfect time for HSE and facility managers to consider some important changes. This includes considering how to improve health and safety, increase productivity and reduce environmental impacts.  In other words, the present crisis presents an opportunity to be creative.

Many others have used lockdowns for similar creative outbursts.  Isaac Newton discovered gravity and invented calculus whilst self-isolating during the Great Plague of London in 1665.  Newton was a student at the time at Trinity College, Cambridge.  All students had been set home, as is the case today, and it was the absence of his professors to guide him that allowed his mind to think outside the box and be creative.

Today, without production pressures we can think also outside the box to improve processes.  One advantage that we have now compared to Newton is we have the World’s library on our laptop.  

So, what could we improve on?  Minimising waste materials, energy and water usage would be at the top of many peoples wish list.  Eliminating bottlenecks in production perhaps.  Also reducing the likelihood of accidents and exposure to hazardous materials.

There is much advice available and some sources are listed below.  Whist the staff at Environmental Efficiency are all working from home we would be happy if you wanted to bounce ideas off us.  We may not be able to emulate Newton but hopefully we can all make some small improvements to the environment. 


Energy Efficiency Resources


Water & Waste Efficiency Resources


Sustainability Resources


Health & Safety Resources


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