A recent article linking the use of gas cookers with asthma caught our eye.  The study in the US concluded that gas cookers exposed people to high levels of contaminants such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxides and possibly carbon monoxide. The study also found that children in homes with gas cookers had a 42% chance of having asthma symptoms. Nitrogen dioxide also makes chronic obstructive pulmonary disease worse and may be linked to heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

We think the problems associated with gas cookers in domestic settings have been overlooked.  Gas was the preferred choice for many as, compared to old fashioned electric cookers, gas was much more controllable as well as being a cheaper fuel.  However, with the advent of induction hobs gas has lost its controllability and price advantage.

Perhaps it is time to re-evaluate the use of gas in the kitchen. Why burn a fossil fuel when there is an alternative that does not degrade indoor air quality?  Of course, many would say that electricity is also polluting at the source of generation (although there is wind energy, much electricity in Ireland is still generated from gas and peat). Whilst this is true, the electricity mix is becoming greener with the phasing out of peat.  Despite much talk about greening the gas network, actual progress is slow.

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