Environmental Efficiency – 25 Years in Business

Feb 24, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Environmental Efficiency celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.  Founded in 1996, the directors realised that there was a need for an organisation that could offer a full range of environmental services, from sampling through to licence application and everything in between.

Of course, there were other firms offering environmental based services, but these firms often had narrow specialisms, some concentrated just on air or water sampling, others concentrated just on noise measurement or air dispersion modelling.  This meant that environmental managers in industry often had to engage a wide range of consultants in order to apply for EPA licences or to support other environmental projects. This resulted in much time wasted through co-ordinating the various service providers.

Environmental Efficiency initially offered energy and environmental auditing services.  As the business grew our clients asked for other services such as air and noise monitoring and EPA licence applications.  Rather than sub-contract these requests to others, Environmental Efficiency developed the in-house expertise and purchased the necessary equipment to service these requests.

The market has changed much since the late 90’s and the customer requirements have changed as environmental legislation becomes more demanding.  However, the founding philosophy of the company to offer a one stop shop for environmental consultancy to industrial and commercial clients remains the same.  

Recent additions to our specialisms now include supporting the Green certifications of buildings (LEED Indoor Air Quality Assessments, WELL Performance Testing and BREEAM In-Use) and COVID-19 Workplace protection Assessments.  

As organisations’ environmental needs evolve, our clients can be assured that Environmental Efficiency will continue to offer a one stop shop for all their need.

Environmental Efficiency can be contacted at info@enviro-consult.com