Environmental Efficiency are environmental consultants, with the core mission of helping improve clients’ environmental performance in cost effective and practical ways and as a result; build a long term relationship.

Environmental Efficiency was founded in 1996 by two experienced consulting engineers, both with extensive backgrounds in manufacturing, quarrying, IT and construction in the UK, Ireland and further abroad.

Engineers are natural problem solvers and this, coupled with the expertise of our staff of environmental experts, enables us to offer solutions to environmental problems that are cost-effective and practical.

Environmental Efficiency is engaged in energy and environmental consultancy across the entire range of manufacturing and commercial activity.  Our clients range from US and European based multinationals to indigenous start-ups.  What these clients have in common is a requirement for cost-effective consultancy and pragmatic solutions to their issues.

Two examples of this approach are given below. In both cases, we believe that our engineering background led to a better outcome for the client.

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What We Do

Example 1
A manufacturer of agricultural equipment was washing metal parts with detergent prior to spray painting. The wash water was being discharged to surface water in breach of legislation. The company were considering putting in a Waste Water Treatment System at considerable cost.

Environmental Efficiency suggested redirecting the waste water to the wet back spray booths as these needed a constant supply of water (but not necessarily clean water). The suggestion was trialled at minimal cost and worked.

Example 2
A distiller was getting complaints about noise from neighbours and had spent a considerable sum of money on piecemeal solutions. The modifications were not effective and complaints were still being received.

We created a noise prediction model. This model included all noisy equipment and the neighbour’s house. The effect of reducing the noise level of each piece was determined along with the cost. A minimum cost solution was found that merely involved turning a condenser around by 180 degrees. This was a fraction of the cost of the previous modifications.

These are just two examples from a long list of cost effective solutions to a wide range of environmental problems.

If you are searching for environmental or safety consultants in the UK or Ireland, feel free to get in touch.