We have numerous client in the manufacturing, commercial and other sectors. Some examples are given below.

Woodfab Timber, Ireland
Environmental Efficiency has been working with Woodfab Timber for over 11 years. Recent projects include implementation of ISO9001 for their Woodfab Structures division. Past projects include noise monitoring, Lean projects, and management of the IPPC licence.

Witton Chemicals, England
Witton Chemicals is an international fine chemical contract manufacturer. Environmental Efficiency recently undertook a visual inspection of their bunds at their manufacturing site.

Clearstream International, Ireland
ClearStream Technologies develops, manufactures and markets medical devices used by interventional cardiologists, radiologists, and vascular surgeons in angioplasty procedures. Environmental Efficiency has worked with Clearstream for a number of years ensuring that all processes meet all both EU and US applicable environmental and occupational health legislation. This has included bund testing, stack and water monitoring.

Belfast Habour Commissioners, Northern Ireland
The Port at Belfast handles coal, grain, fertilisers and other potentially dusty materials. Environmental Efficiency is responsible of the continuous dust monitoring to ensure dust levels are not a nuisance.

Clearcircle Metals, Ireland
Environmental Efficiency has been working with Clearcircle for nearly 20 years. The work includes regular monitoring of stack emissions, noise, and dust, WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) analysis, Noise Prediction Modeling, Air Dispersion Modeling and EIS.

A. B Cardinal, Wales
A.B. Cardinal is a printer of packaging material. They are required to produce a Solvent Management Plan on an annual basis. Environmental Efficiency has been undertaking this work for the last few years.

R.C. Treatt, England
R. C. Treatt are a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of flavour, fragrance and cosmetic ingredients. This is a Seveso Tier II site. R.C. Treat needed integrity assessments of their bunded areas. When other consultants stated that this job was too big, Environmental Efficiency stepped in and was able to complete the job quickly and economically.

Glennon Bros,. Ireland and Scotland
Glennon Bros is one of the largest saw mills in Ireland and with sites across Ireland and Scotland. Environmental Efficiency has worked with Glennon at a number of its sites . The work includes regular monitoring of air, water and noise. Other projects have included Noise Prediction Models.