Tank Inspection Services: Ensuring Compliance and Preventing Hazards

Need for inspection

Tanks storing hazardous liquids in licensed sites in the UK and Ireland are generally required to have a regular inspection. These tanks are widely known as ASTs (Atmospheric Storage Tanks) as the tank is not pressurised.

Environmental Efficiency has extensive experience in inspecting such tanks for EPA, Seveso and Environmental Agency sites throughout Ireland and the UK. As well as a visual inspection, for steel and stainless steel tanks wall thickness measurements will be taken to establish the wear rate. All tank inspections are performed by Chartered Engineers.

Frequency of inspection

The frequency of tank inspection varies from annual to 15 years and depends on the wear rate and other factors. Tanks with high wear rates may need more frequent inspection. Environmental Efficiency can advise on the necessary frequency of inspection.

All inspection data is recorded using a customised smartphone app that also collects time-stamped and annotated photos of any defects.

Relevant standards

  • IPPC Guidance Note on Storage and Transfer of Materials for Scheduled Activities, EPA
  • STI SP001 Steel Tank Institute Standard for the Inspection of Aboveground Storage Tanks
  • Ciria 736 Containment systems for the prevention of pollution (C736F)
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