Carbon Footprint Reduction Target Met At No Capital Cost

An Irish based laundry products manufacturer was given a demanding carbon footprint reduction target by the overseas head office. The site was concerned as to how they were to achieve this as there was little appetite for any significant expenditure.

Environmental Efficiency were asked to review the site’s energy consumption to see if there were any energy saving opportunities as this would give cost and carbon savings. 

The audit noted that two steam boilers were being used simultaneously but each at 40% load. Running boilers at part load is very inefficient. Environmental Efficiency recommended only one boiler be used but the site wanted the second boiler to be on hot standby in case the first boiler failed.

Having boilers on hot standby enables almost no interruption to steam supply should one boiler fail. However, this comes at a significant energy cost. Environmental Efficiency noted that the production process could tolerate short periods of steam outage and therefore operation with one boiler was feasible.

There were many other saving opportunities identified but this one recommendation enabled the site to meet the carbon reduction target and at no cost.

This project is typical of the creative approach of Environmental Efficiency that differentiates us from other consultants.


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