Hanley Removals Ltd operate a removals and storage business at a premises in Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow and required a planning application and Waste Facility Permit for a business expansion plan that included accepting waste furniture.  Environmental Efficiency completed both the planning application and Waste Facility Permit, both of which were recently granted.


Hanley Removals Ltd

The company are involved in the storage of furniture, personal items, commercial items and archive items at Newtownmountkennedy. This site can occasionally reach its maximum capacity as regards storage. When this occurs, the company uses warehouse space situated nearby. There is a small space at this premises for the reworking and restoration of furniture that may be old, worn and damaged and which may otherwise go on to be considered Bulky Waste.

The company proposes on expanding their business by accepting up to 900 tonnes of Bulky Waste (Waste Furniture) on-site per annum. The company holds a Waste Collection Permit that currently authorizes the collection of this waste from customer dwellings/sites. A small fraction of this waste will be reworked/restored and the rest dismantled and sorted into different waste streams. The various waste streams arising during the dismantling and sorting of waste furniture will be deposited in skips for each waste type. These skips will be contained within the premises until being transferred onwards to third party Material Recovery Facilities. The existing facility in effect constitutes a Material Recovery Facility that carries out pre-treatment (dismantling and sorting).


The Issue

The company was obliged under the Planning and Development Act to obtain Planning Permission for the proposed activity which constitutes ‘Development’ under the Act. In addition, the company were obliged under the Waste Management Act and Waste Facility permit Regulations to obtain a Waste Facility Permit for the proposed waste activity.


Environmental Efficiency’s Plan

Environmental Efficiency prepared a Planning Application and a Waste Facility Permit Application on behalf of Hanley Removals Ltd. These applications were submitted to Wicklow County Council’s Planning Department and Environment Department respectively for approval. Environmental Efficiency have a vast amount of experience preparing such application and, in this case, developed robust applications addressing the need for the proposed development, how the proposed developments accords with planning policy, how waste operations will be carried out, the receiving environment, potential environmental impacts and how potential environmental impacts will be managed, controlled and prevented.

With our knowledge of Planning and Environmental Law, we negotiated both the Planning and Waste Facility Application processes for Hanley Removals Ltd in a highly efficient, supplementing the application with both Environmental Impact Assessment Screening and Appropriate Assessment Screening reports, as required by the Local Authority. Our knowledge and expertise in this area mean we can develop thorough and robust applications in an efficient manner, thus reducing costs associated with the applications.


The Result

We are delighted to report that we got both applications over the line for Hanley Removals Ltd, meaning they can kick on with the new business venture in the waste sector in the knowledge that they have received the necessary authorizations from the local authority and knowing that environmental management practices are in place for managing the waste activity properly and safely without risk to the surrounding environment or sensitive receptors.


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