Low cost bunding solution

A large cereal manufacturer in Britain had a Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP). The plant was not bunded and was close to a water course. The Environmental Agency were concerned about the impact of tank failure on the watercourse and asked for the WWTP to be bunded. This would have incurred significant cost for the operator and Environmental Efficiency was asked to review the justification for bunding and propose alternatives.

Environmental Efficiency visited the site and reviewed the UK best practice literature. We then successfully argued that the cost of bunding the entire WWTP would exceed the benefits.

An alternative was proposed whereby just the balancing section of the WWTP was to be bunded. The bund wall would not need to be high as there was a significant floor area for the bund. However, the base of the proposed bund was mainly hardcore and thus not watertight.  To concrete the entire base of the proposed bund would have been expensive. Environmental Efficiency determined that if the easy to access areas were concreted leaving some areas of hardcore then the permeability of the base would still meet the required standard for permeability. This proposal was accepted by the Environmental Agency thus avoiding significant cost and disruption to the operator.

This simple and effective solution is typical of the creative approach of Environmental Efficiency that differentiates us from other consultants


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