Finding the optimum abatement strategy

A marine diesel engine was being used to power equipment at a car crushing plant. In reality this was the wrong type of engine to use as marine engines have less stringent emission limits than engines for land based application. In an attempt to resolve the emissions issue the site owner had installed an ammonia injection system to reduce NOx levels.

Other consultants were engaged to carry out the required quarterly stack monitoring of the exhaust. Every quarter’s report showed that NOx levels exceed the levels the licence. However, the other consultants showed no interest in how to address the issue.

We were approached. We suggested that we carry out a number of trials with varying the amount of ammonia injection and measuring NOx and oxygen levels in the exhaust. This enabled the optimum abatement strategy to achieve compliance. Once the optimum strategy was implemented, the site remained in compliance.

This simple and effective solution is typical of the creative approach of Environmental Efficiency that differentiates us from other consultants.


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