Bunded storage cabinets are a practical solution when needing to store drums and IBCs. These usually consist of a steel structure with a roof and sliding doors on one side. There is a also a welded steel or plastic sump that acts as a bund. The unit s then fitted with shelves and the drums etc are stored on the shelves.

There are many suppliers of these cabinets but it seems that some can be of poor quality. A visual inspection of a number of bunded storage cabinets at a clients site revealed peeling paint and rust holes in the steel sump, yet the cabinets were less than three years old. The bund failed the visual inspection.

The corrosion was from the outside in so leaking aggressive chemicals were not the problem. The site was remote from the sea and therefore salt spray was also not a factor.

We would recommended that when purchasing bunded cabinets that the specification be reviewed to ensure that the sumps are suitable for the chemicals stored and the environment. Some manufacturers offer polypropylene sumps, stainless steel sumps and epoxy coated sumps.