Solving Night-Time Noise Complaints: Innovative Strategies and Cost-Effective Solutions by Environmental Efficiency

A distillery in Ireland was receiving night-time noise complaints from a resident over 1 km away. As the site was in breach of the licence night-time noise limits this complaint required corrective action.

The distillery had spent a great deal of money insulating and enclosing equipment, but the complaints persisted. Environmental Efficiency were eventually contacted. We constructed a noise model and evaluated a number of strategies. One particular noisy source was a cooling tower with a fan on the side. The fan pointed out towards the resident. Environmental Efficiency modelled the effect of the removal of the cooling tower. This showed that the noise levels would now be compliant with the noise limits licence.

Clearly, process cooling was needed so a number of strategies were evaluated. These included relocating the tower, but this would have installed significant cost. Environmental Efficiency then modelled the effect of rotating the location of the fan by 180 degrees, so the fan faced away from the resident. Modelling showed that this simple step would resolve the problem.

This simple remedy was at a fraction of the cost of the client’s previous noise reduction attempts and justified the use of the prediction model.

This simple and effective solution is typical of the creative approach of Environmental Efficiency that differentiates us from other consultants.


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