Modelling of air emissions from industrial facilities is the first step in the design of industrial emission points / stacks and appropriate abatement systems. A quality air dispersion model can determine the optimisation of stack heights with consideration for, building layouts, land use, terrain, and weather conditions, while offering insight to appropriate abatement systems and efficiencies, flexibility in operating conditions and other operational controls.

Atmospheric dispersion modelling is an essential tool in determining the impact on air quality of a proposed or existing activity. However, the reliability of results from dispersion modelling studies is dependent on many factors such as the robustness of the input data used in the model, the suitability of the model itself and the appropriate interpretation of the model results.
At Environmental Efficiency, we have undertaken many complex air dispersion modelling assessments. Our consultants are experienced in using US EPA approved modelling software modules AERMOD and CALPUFF. We have a long history of air quality monitoring, analysis, determination of results and can ensure compliance with the complex range of ambient air quality legislation for Ireland, UK and Europe.

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