Spill Response
If you have a spill, the immediate first step is to contain the spill to ensure that the spill does not enter drains or seep onto permeable ground. The next step is to use sawdust, cement or spill kit materials to absorb the spilled liquids. Appropriate PPE should be worn such as oil or chemical resistant gloves and safety glasses. The spill kit materials should then be disposed of as hazardous waste.

If the spill has entered a water course, the appropriate bodies should be notified.

Site Investigation
If you have had a spill, the ground may be contaminated. Environmental Efficiency can undertake a site investigation to determine the extent of contamination and the costs of clean up. We can issue certificates to verify that there is no contamination.

Spill Procedures
Sites that handle materials which if spilled are hazardous to water should have a spill response procedure and staff handling such materials should have appropriate spill response training. Environmental Efficiency can help you write such procedures and train your staff.

Detailed guidance on dealing with oil spills

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