Bord Bia has announced that it intends that 75% of Irish Food and Drink exports be from Origin Green members by 2014 and 100% by 2016. This means that food and drink manufacturers who are members of this scheme will significantly benefit from Bord Bia’s overseas marketing.

Becoming an Origin Green Member

To become an Origin Green member, companies have to comply with all relevant legislation and agree environmental targets to reduce the use of resources.  Environmental Efficiency can help companies that do not have the in house resources to manage this process.  Environmental Efficiency can also advise of grants that may be available.

Sign up and agree targets

The Origin Green concept is simple; companies sign up and agree targets to improve performance in areas such as emissions, energy, waste, water and so on and confirm commitment to this at top level. Progress towards the targets is then verified with Bord Bia.  Ongoing success will ensure that you will retain the Origin Green logo and benefit from Bord Bia’s marketing.

Progressing targets

Environmental Efficiency is well placed to help you select and progress targets as we have one of the widest sustainably experiences of any Irish consultancy. As a consultancy, our main focus is on water, energy, waste and emissions – all issues of importance in the Origin Green programme. This experience has been significantly enhanced in recent years with an in house team of agricultural specialists to help in the areas of bio-diversity and animal welfare.

Compliance with legislation

Applicant companies must confirm that they conform with all environmental and food legislation.  Environmental Efficiency can undertake a review of your operations to determine your current compliance.

Reducing costs

In areas such as waste disposal, water and energy use, Environmental Efficiency has a track record of helping companies reduce costs and at the same time complying with the legislation.


Ongoing support from Environmental Efficiency

Once you are a member of Origin Green you will have to maintain progress in achieving your objectives and the results of your progress will be reported. Environmental Efficiency can provide continuing support at this stage with on-site reviews and telephone and email support.

Full details of the scheme are detailed in the Bord Bia Sustainability Charter.