Many sites in the Intensive Agricultural Sector engage a number of different agricultural consultants to meet the various conditions of their IPPC Licence. This can be costly as this entails multiple visits by different agricultural consultants and wastes your time as you have to brief each consultant.

At Environmental Efficiency, we believe that this approach is inefficient. As a more efficient agricultural consultants alternative we offer a one stop shop to meet all your environmental and IPPC Licence needs.

Agricultural Consultants: One stop shop for holders of IPPC Licence

Environmental Efficiency was set up to be a one stop shop for compliance, energy and health and safety needs for industry and commerce who have IPPC Licenses or other permits. Our clients appreciate this as they can just make one call to named consultant who knows the client’s site and the issues of importance.

We can undertake various tasks associated with an IPPC licence with just one site visit. For example collecting water samples can be done whist bunds are being tested or whilst noise measurements are being taken. This strategy can significantly reduce costs for the client.

Many of our staff have agricultural degrees and are from a farming background. We therefore understand the issues that are important to you and the way you work.

Wide range of services: IPPC & Origin Green

Having an IPPC licence requires a great deal of environmental monitoring, record keeping and correspondence with the EPA. We can undertake all these tasks to take the burden off farm managers.

Our services for holders of IPPC Licenses in the agricultural sector include: soil testing, slurry testing, water analysis, bund testing, noise monitoring and energy and water cost reduction. We can also advise on how to get the most out of Origin Green.


Our staff includes graduates in Agricultural Science, Environmental Science, Planning and Engineering, so whether it is a noise problem, odour problem, energy problem, soil testing or a planning application, we can provide the expertise to help.