At Environmental Efficiency we specialize in energy consulting.

It is prudent to reduce energy use considering three main factors:

  • The increase of energy costs.
  • The political instability in the oil and gas producing regions.
  • The environmental pressure to reduce global warming.

It is, therefore, recommended to reduce energy use through an energy audit which will also reduce costs as well as your carbon footprint.

Energy Consulting through Energy Audits

As one of the best energy audit companies, we make sure to reduce your energy using a professional energy audit.  Large organisations  (over 250 employees or meeting certain financial criteria) are required to have a high quality energy audit. These audits are under the UK ESOS program or the Irish EAS program.

An energy efficiency audit will typically identify between 15 and 20 energy saving opportunities according to energy efficiency consultancy. Our average energy cost saving is 23% within a 15 month financial payback. For some sites, the energy savings through energy consulting on significant items of equipment have been as high as 80%.

Energy Efficiency Consultancy: Energy Management Systems

One problem with audits by energy consultants is that it is a once off exercise. Whilst energy use will be reduced, it will usually rise after some time.  An Energy Management System puts in place the mechanism to implement the findings from the energy audit. Then we would build on these reductions by a process of monitoring and management by following the Plan Do Check Act model.

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Energy Performance Contracting

Some organisations do not have the financial resources to implement professional energy audits. In that case an Energy Performance Contract may be the way forward to reduce energy consumption.  However, some organisations may get better value by alternative approaches.

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