Environmental Due Diligence Assessments are used prior to the acquisition of land to determine whether there are any environmental liabilities associated with a site. Environmental liabilities could come in the form of environmental contamination (soil and/or groundwater) on-site or the presence of wastes on-site or contaminated plant and equipment that will need to be decontaminated and properly disposed of.

Purchasers of land take on any environmental liabilities (i.e. clean up costs) once they become property owners. It is therefore important when purchasing brownfield sites to evaluate whether there are any environmental liabilities associated with it. This environmental due diligence is especially important when purchasing a site previously used for high-risk activities such as heavy industry or a waste facility.

Our consultancy can complete such environmental due diligence assessments. In doing so we will conduct a site audit, evaluate historical and current land uses, consider the planning status of the site, evaluate whether there have been past environmental incidents affecting the site or whether there have been previous non-compliances with EPA Licences or Local Authority permits associated with the site. Environmental Efficiency may also carry out environmental investigation and soil and water testing on-site to determine whether the site is in a contaminated state or not.

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