Environmental Impact Assessment Reports in Ireland

Environmental Efficiency organise the collation and completion of Environmental Impact Assessment Reports (EIAR’s) for planning applications and EPA licence applications. Environmental Impact Assessment is a process whereby the impacts of a proposed development or activity on Environmental Factors such as Population and Human Health, Biodiversity, Land, Soil, Water, Air and Climate, Material Assets, Cultural Heritage and Landscape are identified, characterized and assessed.

Where it is determined that a project is likely to have a significant, adverse impact on the environment, Environmental Efficiency, working in collaboration with various internal and external specialists, will develop mitigation measures to prevent, minimize and control adverse impacts. Alternatively, we can advise on altering or re-designing the project in order to ensure it does not adversely impact upon the environment.

The completion of EIAR’s involves various specialists depending on the nature of the project and the receiving environment. Environmental Efficiency acts as a ‘go to’ coordinator of EIAR’s, responsible for coordinating our own internal specialists, as well as external specialists, in carry out their respective assessments (e.g. Traffic Modelling, Air Dispersion Modelling, Noise Prediction Modelling). Environmental Efficiency then bring together these assessments in a clear, succinct and robust EIAR.

environmental impact assessment

Environmental Efficiency also deals with the procurement of specialists, ensuring an an environmental impact assessment report project stays within budget. This also saves time for developers.

Our aims in relation to EIAR’s can be summarized as follows:

  1. Accurately assess impacts,
  2. Design effective (and cost effective) mitigation measures and;
  3. Develop robust EIAR’s to give developers the best chance possible to obtain planning approval whilst remaining within budget.

Environmental Efficiency: Your EIA Company in Ireland

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