Environmental monitoring concerns monitoring of air, noise, vibration and water. Our environmental specialists ensure that acceptable limits or legal limits for public protection or even protection of flora and fauna are not breached. This is a separate topic to workplace monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring & Audit

Air monitoring

Our specialists can undertake environmental monitoring of stack emissions or ambient air quality to determine compliance with stated limits. This includes monitoring of dust, combustion gases and process emissions. Where limits are breached, we can undertake Air Dispersion Modelling to assess the impact and explore options.

Noise monitoring

Noise from factories, roads, quarries and construction sites is one of the largest causes of complaints to regulators. Regulators such as the Environment Agency (UK), EPA (Ireland) and local authorities have the power to impose noise limits and impose sanctions for breaches of noise levels. Environmental Efficiency is able to monitor noise, including tonal noise and determine whether the site is in compliance with the Environmental monitoring solutions & regulations.
Where noise from sites is excessive, Environmental Efficiency can undertake Noise Prediction Modelling to assess the impact and explore options.

Vibration monitoring

Vibration can be an issue with quarries, construction work, car breakers yard and even speed bumps. The vibration can travel through the ground and cause damage to houses or disturbance to residents. Environmental Efficiency can monitor vibration and advise whether legal limits have been breached after completing an environmental monitoring process.

Water monitoring

Monitoring of surface water, groundwater and discharges such as foul or process water is essential to protect the environment. We have an extensive schedule of weekly and monthly sample collection routes. Our technicians can collect samples on a cost effective basis and provide accredited water analysis. River assessment such as Q Ratings can also be undertaken.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Monitoring of air, noise, vibration and water is often necessary to support an Environmental Impact Assessment. Our team can undertake Environmental monitoring solutions and write the appropriate chapters.

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