Bob Sutcliffe, the Technical Director of Environmental Efficiency, is available to act as an expert witness in a number of environmental areas. To date he has acted as an expert witness in noise and air emissions complaint cases. Bob acted for both for the defendant.and the plaintiff.

Bob has also been involved in cases which required a review of the other parties documents. Often it is possible to find some weakness in the other parties reports such that the case will be dropped.

In one case, the local authority relied on a consultant’s report to allege that the defendant was in breach of the noise limits set by the Waste Permit. We were able to review the consultant’s report and identify a number of weakness that would cause significant embarrassment to the council should the case have proceeded. The most significant weakness was that the certificates of calibration for the noise meters were out of date. The council dropped the case as it would have been difficult to prove a case that relied on the use of equipment that was out of calibration.

Bob is a Chartered Engineer (MIMechE, IEI) and a Chartered Member of the Institutes of Waste Management. In addition, Bob has attended an Expert Witness course run by Engineers Ireland in conjunction with La Touche Training.