Industrial Emission, Integrated Pollution Control and Waste Licences

Environmental Efficiency provide specialist advice on applying for and complying with Environmental Licences issued by the EPA, namely IPC, IED and Waste Licences. Industrial and Waste facilities may need a licence depending on the type, nature and scale of the activities they carry out. For example a company that makes or uses greater than 10 tonnes of organic solvent per annum would need an IPC Licence. The purpose of such a licence is to ensure the proper management and control of environmental emissions originating from industrial/waste facilities. IPC and IED Licences are governed by the EPA Act, whilst Waste Licences are governed by the Waste Management Act.

Environmental Efficiency can advise on and assist with the following areas relating to licence applications and compliance:

  • Whether an IPC/IED/Waste Licence is required or not.
  • Reconfiguring facility operations to ensure a licence is not required (reducing costs), whilst at the same time maintaining compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Pre-application consultation with the EPA and the scoping of the licence application/licence.
  • Collation, completion and submission of the licence application form.
  • Completion of necessary assessments needed to support a licence application (e.g. EIA, Appropriate Assessment, Air Dispersion Modelling, Noise Prediction Modelling)
  • Ensuring compliance with licence conditions, once a licence has been issued (e.g. compliance monitoring, Annual Environmental Reports, ELRA’s, CRAMP’s)


IPC Licenses Environmental Efficiency

Our multi-disciplinary team of Consultants have in-depth knowledge and experience in completing licence applications for clients from various sectors and completing the various forms of environmental assessment needed to support licence applications. We also have a very good track record in identifying and resolving technical or environmental issues for clients during and after the licence application process, preventing negative environmental impacts and ensuring compliance for our clients. We currently assist numerous licensed facilities on complying with the terms of their issued licence through an experienced team of project managers.

Obtaining and maintaining compliance with EPA Licences can prove costly for companies. Environmental Efficiency always aims to take a pragmatic and practical approach when applying for and managing licences for clients to ensure cost-effective compliance for our clients. Visit our Contact us page now to get in touch with our expert environmental consultants.