There are three available routes to be considered under the LEED v4 Indoor Air Quality Assessment Credit. The easiest and most popular option is to test the indoor air quality as per Option 2 of the LEED V4 manual in occupied spaces of the building before occupancy.

Environmental Efficiency is an engineering and environmental consultancy with significant experience in LEED V4 and has carried out the LEED EQc4 Indoor air quality assessment Option 2 Air testing on sites in Europe and Africa.


  • This will prove that airborne pollutant levels within the building are within the limits defined in the LEED v4 manual through controlled measurement and ISO17025 accredited laboratory analysis.
  • It has the least impact on the handover schedule. Out of hours and weekend sampling can be accommodated if required.
  • The other options include flushing out building that can take weeks or months to achieve.
  • The IAQ testing will only take 1 to 2 days on site.
  • Environmental Efficiency will write up the IAQT report ready for submission by the assigned LEED AP.
  • Option 2 IAQT is worth 2 credits. Flush out is only worth 1 credit.


Environmental Efficiency has a number of indoor air monitoring rigs that can be set up quickly by ourselves which conform to the all the relevant ISO, ASTM and EPA methods set out in the LEED certification manual.


Environmental Efficiency is a member of the Irish Green Building Council and holds both ISO9001 and ISO14000 LEED certification. All laboratory analysis is carried under ISO17025 certification.




For more information please contact George Byrne on +353 85 8003544 or email