Many organisations require EPA licences or permits from local authorities. The requirement is usually triggered by the threshold for some defined activity being exceeded.  The permit or licence will detail environmental conditions to be applied such as regular noise monitoring, testing of bunds and tanks and annual fees payable to the authority.

Obtaining such a document will take time and money, further resources will be expended in complying with the conditions.  It therefore makes sense to explore whether the need for such a document can be legally avoided. Often, changes to processes, batch sizes or the use of alternative materials can bring an organisation below the threshold for requiring a licence or permit.  Environmental Efficiency has significant experience in this area and can help companies either get below the threshold or apply for the permit or licence.

Therefore, whilst Environmental Efficiency can help to make the application in a cost effective manner, we would first suggest that we work with you to determine whether in fact you need a licence or a permit in the first place.

If after review, you still need a licence or permit, then Environmental Efficiency can undertake all the required work to make the application successful and help minimise the burden of compliance.

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