Environmental Efficiency has a wealth of experience developing, coordinating and collating Planning Applications for a wide range of development types. This includes developing Planning Applications for developments which can pose potential environmental hazards or which need an Environmental Impact Assessment such as waste facilities, quarries, land restoration projects, industrial facilities and large residential developments. 

Our in-depth understanding of Planning and Environmental Law in Ireland, in particular the Planning and Development Act and the Planning and Development Regulations means we have in-depth understanding of the planning process and what supporting documentation are required. 

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Prior to submitting a Planning Application, we conduct a thorough review of Development Plans, Local Area Plans and other relevant Policy Document. We then submit a Planning and Environmental Statement with all Planning Applications we develop. This document describes how a proposed development conforms to planning policy defined in Development Plans and also describes how Environmental Impacts associated with a proposed development will be managed, controlled and prevented. This gives the Applicant/Developer the best opportunity possible to gain planning permission. 

In addition to this, we make sure to liaise with the Project Architect/Engineer on project design and environmental good/best practice. 

We understand that Planning Applications need to be tightly controlled from a financial perspective. We provide competitive Fee Proposals for Planning Projects and where sub consultants are required, for example, for the carrying out a Flood Risk Assessment or Site Characterisation, we engage in a formal Request for Tender process to ensure we procure highly experienced, qualified and cost competitive sub consultants.

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Finally, as experienced and highly qualified Environmental Consultants, who have an in-depth understanding of the Planning system in Ireland, we are well suited toward developing appeals, objections or submissions for relevant parties during the Planning Process. Use our online contact form to get in touch with our team.