Environmental Efficiency is involved in assisting companies improve their quality management and obtain ISO9001: 2015 certification. Our staff members have formal training in the development, implementation and auditing of Quality Management Systems. We also assist companies with obtaining other quality related standards such as BRC (Packaging), FSC (Sustainable Forestry Products) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification).

As experienced industry consultants, Environmental Efficiency also has a wealth of industry experience, having worked for clients from numerous sectors and of numerous sizes, ranging from small businesses to multinationals. We have worked with different companies who have vastly different ways of doing things, from refineries to distilleries and pharmaceutical plants to honey producers. We have seen many different ways of managing and operating a business, improving performance and achieving business objectives. Given our unique and valuable industry experience we are in a prime position to assist business and industry with the development and implementation of Quality Management Systems.

In developing a QMS we would initially carry out a process based audit involving discussions with technical and operational staff. Following this, we would assess high level and operational risks and opportunities facing the company and develop a combination of quality processes, procedures, controls and objectives to ensure the company performs at its best, delivering quality products and services and meeting customer requirements.

Having a QMS is beneficial as it facilitates improved quality, adding value, whilst also potentially opening up new markets for companies. Often in some sectors, customers require or look favourably on suppliers or service providers with a certified 9001 Quality management System.

For further information of quality systems including BRC and FSC/PEFC please contact Richard Deeney rdeeney@enviro-consult.com