Various river water testing assessments may be required where sewer or process emissions are discharged to rivers. These may include Assimilation capacity, Q Rating and Thermal mixing.  Environmental Efficiency has the capability to undertake all these assessments.

River Assimilation Capacity

This relates to the capacity of the receiving water to accept nutrient loads.  Environmental Efficiency has undertaken this as part of the planning process for housing and other developments.

River Water Testing & Q Rating

The Q rating is sometimes called a Fresh Water Impact Assessment.  These tests involve the analysis of macro invertebrate populations and provide a rapid and accurate assessment of ecological water quality.  Our team is able to undertake these Q rating river water testing assessments.

Thermal Mixing

Where the temperature of the discharge water is higher than the receiving water, a study is sometimes required to determine how the warmer water mixes with the cooler water.


Environmental Efficiency has over 20 years’ experience in water monitoring, including river water testing, for holders of EPA and EA licences.  Our technicians cover the whole of Ireland with sample collection runs on a weekly and monthly basis.