The spreading of slurry is controlled and in general the land must have soil testing & analysis on a regular basis. The Morgan’s P Test is used to evaluate the nutrient status of the soils with the number of samples taken depending on the size of the landholding and cropping history. We can advise on the number of samples and the frequency of testing and this can be part of your plan for gaining Origin Green accreditation.

Soil testing & analysis are carried out under IPC Licence Conditions, with land use history used to determine the number of samples required per area. All soil testing is carried out by trained staff and complies with standards set out in Teagasc soil sampling standards.

For all types of soil testing, whether agriculture, domestic or industrial, Environmental Efficiency can advise you as to the testing required, take the samples and arrange for the analysis. Test parameters include Morgan’s P test, Total Nitrogen, Total Phosphorus, Total Potassium, diesel range organics, asbestos and other substances. All analysis is carried out by fully accredited labs either in Ireland or the UK.

Nutrient Management Plans

Environmental Efficiency can prepare Nutrient Management Plans by undertaking soil testing & analysis to ensure that a balance of soil nutrients is met for the cropping activities, ensuring optimum growth and yields with reduced fertilizer input, resulting in minimized nutrient run off to water and reduced input costs. Environmental Efficiency can also help with the implementation of Nutrient Management Plans, including farm auditing, pollution vulnerably assessment and nutrient mass balance calculations.

Slurry Spreading

Land spreading of slurry is an economic and practical disposal method, however if not properly managed may result in environmental damage to surface and ground water ways. To ensure continued health to our water ways the EPA require that IPPC licensed farms have sufficient registered land banks for slurry disposal, with application restrictions applied.

All organic waste destined for land spreading will require testing, usually on an annual basis. The usual parameters are Total Nitrogen (Total N), Total Phosphorus (Total P), Total Potassium (Total K) and % Dry Matter. Environmental Efficiency can collect samples and analyse. All analysis is carried out in fully accredited laboratories.


Soil Testing Company Ireland

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