Environmental Efficiency can undertake soil contamination investigations and the characterisation of soils required by landfill regulations in Ireland and the UK. Our staff are trained in using waste classification tools and have the relevant knowledge regarding waste legislation and guidance to determine the appropriate disposal options.

Environmental Efficiency has previously worked on projects such as determining suitable methods of waste and the alleged illegal disposal of waste on lands. Our specialists have conducted site investigations, collected soil samples, and arranged for the appropriate analysis. The use of software such as the HazWasteOnline TM Tool has been used to classify the waste and compare results to the Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) which is required before disposal to landfill. A full report detailing the soil waste classification is issued upon completion.

For all types of soil testing, whether agriculture, domestic or industrial, Environmental Efficiency can advise you as to the testing required, take the samples, and arrange for the analysis. All analysis is carried out by fully accredited labs either in Ireland or the UK.

Soil waste classification being performed in a field