Developing sustainable initiatives is a major commitment. but is becoming more commonly expected by clients and customers. Sustainable planning can be focused on many aspects of business including green building, renewable energy, waste management and sustainable development.

In order to build achievable initiatives towards a more sustainable future, companies need to identify their significant issues. To do this requires developing a robust baseline assessment regarding all aspects of the business and then focusing on the most effective changes. Typical changes would be those that improve the overall sustainability of the business economically, socially and environmentally. 

Environmental Efficiency have extensive experience in sustainable auditing, development of baseline assessments and developing sustainability plans. Environmental Efficiency can assist your company in implementing changes that can have a positive impact both in terms of sustainability and public image.

Sustainability Consulting & Planning Services from Environmental Efficiency

  • Assessments for carbon, energy, water, waste, hazardous materials, environmental impacts
  • Develop overall strategic sustainability plans
  • Steps to reduce vital resources including energy, water and oil
  • Steps environmental management and compliance
  • Steps to waste reduction in company operations and manufacturing
  • Advice on green building design, construction and facility improvements
  • Options to minimise waste and reduce weight of packaging
  • Assist with communication and marketing strategy and sustainability reporting
  • Provide guidance on sustainable purchasing practices
  • Install and implement measurement tools to monitor report key data
  • Training and education on environmental and sustainability topics
  • Assist in corporate culture change to make companies self-sustaining