Under the Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2007-2016, any business who collects materials classed as waste as part of their business is required to obtain a Waste Collection Permit from the National Waste Collection Permit Office.

Waste is defined under Irish law as any substance or object which the holder intends on discarding. A list of materials defined as waste can be found in the European Waste Catalogue. Each waste type is given a waste code. For example, end of life vehicles are assigned the waste code 16 01 04*.

Image of truck collecting bin waste

A wide range of activities can be considered waste collection activities under the waste Regulations. The following types of businesses, amongst others, typically require a Waste Collection Permit in the course of their business activities:

  • Domestic, commercial and skip hire waste companies.
  • Environmental and hazardous waste companies
  • Scrap metal recyclers
  • End of life vehicle recyclers
  • Specialist cleaners
  • Landscape contractors
  • Facilities / property maintenance companies
  • Quarry operators
  • Shredding companies
  • Pallet suppliers
  • Plant Hire companies
  • Civil engineers
  • Haulage companies

Applying for a Waste Collection Permit and complying with permit conditions can prove complicated for companies who are not familiar with these requirements. For example, the application process itself can involve the submission of an extensive amount of documentation and information about the waste collection activity, which must be completed properly in accordance with requirements of the regulations. As such, it can prove complicated to negotiate the application process satisfactorily and quickly.

Waste Collection & Facility Permits with Environmental Efficiency

Environmental Efficiency are specialists in this area and are available to guide businesses on the application process and collate and complete WCP applications to the standard expected by the NWCPO. Environmental Efficiency can also provide advice and assistance on permit compliance, record keeping and annual reporting under the permit, controlling hazards associated with a waste collection activity and best practice on safe movement and handling of waste. Our aim is to make obtaining the permit and complying with the permit as simple as possible for businesses to allow business operators to focus on their core areas of business. Get in touch with us today for any queries relating to waste regulations or waste collection permits.