Environmental Efficiency can undertake water monitoring through the collection of water samples, including surface, waste and ground waters throughout Ireland and UK. All sampling is carried out using EPA best practice and documented procedures. Sampling can be undertaken for chemical and physical parameters plus biological sampling, including Q Ratings.

We analyse time sensitive parameters for water monitoring such as pH and BOD in house. All other parameters are sub contracted to UKAS or INAB approved laboratories.

Water monitoring reports

Environmental Efficiency can issue full interpretive reports or just Certificates of Analysis. Our Certificates of Analysis incorporate full sampling information (date and time, name of sampling technician, temperature, flow rates etc.) plus the Emission Limit Values (ELV) and often can be used for issue to the regulator without an interpretive report. Our Certificates of Analysis are therefore a cost effective option and is a unique benefit of using Environmental Efficiency as other sub contract labs do not include this essential supplementary information.