Environmental Efficiency can undertake water testing & monitoring of surface, waste, process and ground waters throughout Ireland and UK and arrange analysis by ISO17025 certified labs.  Our team can also undertake dip metering of wells to establish water level and Q Rating of rivers (kick water sampling) and Legionella assessments.

Water Sampling

All water sampling is carried out using EPA/EA best practice and documented procedures.  Environmental Efficiency has sample collection runs on a monthly and weekly basis throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland and thus can incorporate new clients at cost effective rates.

Full chain of custody is effected by use of smart phone apps.  These enable easy logging of all emission point details, GPS co-ordinates, sample containers, pH and conductivity, and photographs.  This gives the client the confidence that the correct location has been sampled.  The sample collection forms cannot be submit until all mandatory fields are completed.

Water Analysis

Water analysis can be undertaken for all chemical and physical parameters.  We analyse time sensitive parameters for water testing such as pH and conductivity in the field and BOD in house. All other parameters are sub contracted to UKAS or INAB approved laboratories.  Due to the large volume of samples sub-contracted for analysis, Environmental Efficiency has secured extremely favourable rates.

Certificates of Water Analysis

Environmental Efficiency can issue full interpretive reports or just Certificates of Analysis. Our Certificates of wastewater Analysis incorporate full water sampling information (date and time, name of water sampling technician, temperature, flow rates etc.) plus, uniquely, the Emission Limit Values (ELV).

This certificate of analysis format is unique to us.  Our Certificates of Analysis are therefore a cost effective alternative to interpretive reports.  Certs can be emailed or uploaded to a unique Dropbox location.

Water analysis testing & monitoring reports

Environmental Efficiency can issue full interpretive reports.  These report include trend graphs showing percentage compliance or value as appropriate.  Reports can be emailed or uploaded to a unique Dropbox location.

Save Time

By uploading reports and certs to Dropbox the client will save significant time in filing and managing reports.  The unique client specific Dropbox can be accessed any time by the client from any device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone).  The organisation of the Dropbox folder is normally by media (air, noise, water testing) but this can be customised to suit clients’ preferences.

What guidance is available for water testing?

The authoritative guide to water testing is the UK Environmental Agency Technical Guidance Note M18 (Monitoring of Discharges to Water and Sewer). This document is also referred to by the Irish EPA.

The Irish EPA document Guidance on the Setting of Trigger Values for Stormwater Discharges provides useful guidance in cases where there are no discharge limits set.