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Environmental Efficiency has significant experience in a variety of workplace compliance and monitoring assessments throughout the UK and Ireland.
Many industrial activities may result in harmful ambient air emissions, high noise levels and excessive vibrations impacting human health. It is the responsibility of employers to ensure they protect the health & safety of their workers and comply with the relevant legislation.

Occupational monitoring is fundamental as the workplace air, noise and vibrations could become hazards for the people’s health. As employer, it is necessary to ensure that you comply with regulations. These regulations impose limits to protect workers (termed occupational exposure limits). These hazards in the workplace need to be monitored accordingly by completing a health and safety audit & checklist. This is why we are leaders in occupational monitoring in Ireland and UK.

Having records of regular workplace monitoring can help you successfully contest actions by disgruntled workers. Having no records of it (sometimes called occupational monitoring) can leave you open to legitimate and spurious claims.

Occupational Monitoring: Noise, Air & Vibration in the Workplace

Workplace noise monitoring

The protection of workers from occupational noise is governed by the regulations both in the UK and Ireland. This sets limits for noise levels and requires noisy areas to be marked.

Environmental Efficiency have staffed qualified in measuring workplace noise and can undertake this assessment for you. We can also advise you on the correct ear protection.

Workplace air monitoring

Where workers are exposed to dusts and vapours or the potential for legionella then workplace air monitoring is necessary to ensure that the concentrations are below the published Occupational Exposure Limits (OELs) and Short Term Exposure Limits (STEL). This is part of one of the hazards in the workplace.

Vibration monitoring

Workers can be exposed to high vibration levels by using power tools such as nut runners, impact wrenches or by poor seats on forklifts and other vehicles.

Excessive exposure of workers to vibration has been known to cause serious health problems such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and vascular disorders. In order to protect your workers, limits are placed on the exposure to vibration by completing a health and safety audit & checklist. Environmental Efficiency can assess whether these limits are breached and advise what action can be taken in order to avoid any hazards in the workplace.

Local Exhaust Ventilation assessments (LEV)

LEV systems are to extract dust and fumes from the workplace and often at the point of use (e.g. at a welding station). Regulations, both in the UK and Ireland) require that these be inspected every 14 months. Environmental Efficiency has trained staff who are able to undertake these assessments and advise on how to improve non-compliant systems.

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